Kennedy King is a Chartered Accounting firm based in Richmond, Melbourne. We have been established with a focus on providing compliance and reporting services as required by the various governmental agencies, but to provide additional value added services which aides our clients into making meaningful management decisions to build their business.

Our two founding directors, John Kennedy and Sally King, lead a team of highly motivated staff to provide a range of services to our clients.

We understand that every client is different – be that in their respective fields of business, to that of their individual needs. In acknowledging this, we aim to provide value added services which are meaningful and specific to our clients’ needs.

What makes Kennedy King unique?

Kennedy King draws on the technical knowledge and professional relationships developed by John Kennedy and Sally King throughout their experiences over the past 25 years. Throughout this time, experience has highlighted one important factor: to be able to provide a level of service that is superior. We are able to access professionals who specialize in a particular industry or field of expertise. From this, we can work in conjunction with these people and provide our clients a level of service that is professional and progressive, and equally of importance, is cost effective.

Our range of professional relationships extend to, and are not limited to the following areas:

Incorporations and Structure Establishments
Financial Products & Services
Superannuation and Audits

Kennedy King utilizes that latest technology available to not only run its internal operations, but also to communicate with clients. Our facilities enable our clients to electronically communicate and deliver information in a secure and efficient environment.

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