About Kennedy King Chartered Accountants

Kennedy King Values

Respect. Integrity. Transparency. Confidentiality


We encourage collaboration, value contribution and strive to ensure voices are not only heard but actively engaged and acknowledged. 


We hold ourselves accountable by diligently adhering to due process, meeting all legal and regulatory obligations and consistently delivering on our commitments. 


We believe in maintaining regular and open communication with our stakeholders throughout the business or employment relationship.


We prioritise privacy and security, upholding our legal obligations and ethical standards to safeguard trust and sensitive information.


Kennedy King is a boutique chartered accounting practice which provides business advisory services and tax compliance needs.

Put simply, we help people run successful businesses, knowing their bottom line is growing and their obligations are being met.

There’s no denying that the world of work is challenging. Businesses are dodging an almost never-ending series of landmines in an environment of inefficiencies, complexity and disruption like never before. Kennedy King helps people navigate the brave new world and get on with the business of doing business.

How do we help people?

We do this through our incredible team of accomplished, professional, passionate, diverse and hardworking people who love to help our clients achieve their business goals. 

The Kennedy King team, both those internal to our practice as well as our network of colleagues, collectively form an ecosystem of experts to support our clients across the entire lifecycle of business, from start up, scale up to step down.

This can only happen within a thriving, vibrant workplace culture, where a group of individuals share a vision.

In our case, it’s working with our clients to clarify their goals for their business in the context of the specific challenges they face. From there, together we create a plan of attack to tackle those challenges head on to bring their potential to life.

Kennedy King Chartered Accountants is based in Hawthorn, Melbourne, and Geelong in regional Victoria. We have a diverse portfolio of clients, as we work with people, businesses and organisations across Australia to meet their obligations and build their businesses.

Are we the right accounting practice for you? Let’s find out through a free discovery call.

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