Quarter 4 (April–June) instalment notices (forms SA and T) – final date for payment and, if varying the instalment amount, lodgment.


Due date for payment of super guarantee (SG) contributions for quarter 4 (1 April – 30 June) in the previous financial year.
SG contributions are to be received by the superfund by this date. You need to allow sufficient time for SG payments to reach and be processed by your super fund, especially if using a SG clearing house.
If you don’t pay the SG contributions for quarter 4 in full and by this date, you must pay the super guarantee charge (SGC) and lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) statement to us by 28 August.

It’s important to note, SGC is more than the SG you would have normally paid and is not tax deductible.

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